The 4G Internet

Did you know that when technology companies set out to create the next big leap in technology, they start out with a list of objectives? These are objectives that define the direction of the technology over the next months and years. Before 4G mobile Internet, the latest in Internet technology, started becoming widely available, it was just a list of objectives. These goals sprang from the ultimate goal of making the third generation technology better and more efficient. If you’re wondering what some of those goals were, here are a few of the less technical goals in layman’s terms.

One of the major objectives of 4G technology was to have a mobile Internet connection that you could actually move with. Instead of having to be stationary to pick up a decent signal, the new goal was to have a good signal even when you were moving. Ideally, the download speed of 4G Internet while a person was moving in relation to the point where the connection came from would be about 100Mbit/second. Of course, this means that the sitting still speed of the Internet technology would be much higher than that of third generation technology, which was another of the objectives.

A smoother hand off was another key point in the 4G technology objectives. Basically, when you’re on a particular network and are traveling, you are handed off from one tower to the next as you pass out of one’s range and into another range. The hand off can sometimes cause gaps in your coverage, which are really annoying. Most of the time, cell phone hand off is smooth. The goal of 4G makers, though, was to make mobile Internet connection hand off just as smooth and efficient.

Another of the goals was that 4G Internet connections be able to support a wide variety of other technologies of the new generation. This included being able to upload and download streaming video content and being able to use high definition video while connected to the Internet. Mobile TV and real time audio were also supposed to be supported by this type of Internet connection.

Besides this, the goal was that all 4G networks work off of packet switching, IP operations and work with the other existing technologies. This means that the connection transfers small packets of information, which is highly efficient. It also means that when you connect to a 4G network, you should also be able to pick up a 3G signal if need be. This makes traveling outside of the range of the newest technology much simpler and easier.

All of these goals were laid out around 2002 when technology operatives first began thinking about what would come after the 3G networks. The goals laid out here are not set in stone, and a 4G network may not meet them all yet. Right now, many networks are starting out with some of the 4G goals as they work to develop the other objectives as well.

Internet Connection is Improving with the Help of Science and Technology

VSAT is the truncated form of very small aperture terminal. It can be defined as a satellite system of communication that helps the home users and the business users. Those who will use this VSAT would require a box that will interface between the user’s computer and an antenna outside with a transceiver. This transceiver does the function of receiving or sending a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky. This satellite obtains and directs signals from a location in earth that acts as a center for the arrangement. Each user is connected with the centre through the satellite. The main function of VSAT is handling data, video signals and voice. VSAT internet in Africa is used by domestic people as well as private companies. VSAT proposes a number of gains over terrestrial substitutes.

Satellite Internet in Africa has been booming in recent times. Satellite internet has certain advantages which make it popular:

Satellite internet gives a global exposure. This is the most important plus point of satellite internet. A single satellite has the strength to cover a large distance. It can be as large as covering ocean
This coverage of the wide range gives speedy internet.
With the help of this satellite internet remote places can be located and connected.
Due to topography of earth a long network on terrestrial land cannot be erected, with the help of this satellite we can access internet.
Places like oceans cannot be connected easily with the terrestrial connection. With the help of this satellite connection we can connect to any part of the world.
The very important thing about this satellite connection is that the connection is speedy and good.
Other than terrestrial connection which is quite costly this is satellite connection is less costly and stands the test of time.
The location is independent and can be used anywhere.
A connection by the satellite can be easily installed and uninstalled.

C band in Africa is still working well because many people still listen to radio. With the help of this radio transmission can work better.

The internet service which is provided helps us a lot. But it has certain disadvantages:

There is a lot of wrong information in the internet. This leads us to a wrong place.
People wait in the internet to make prey of innocent people.
People are getting attracted to the internet and hence causing a problem to daily life.

Thus internet facilities are improving and we should use it intelligently.

The Widespread Use Of Internet In The Era Of Technology

The advent of technology: Technology has brought the lights of development in the human society by making the lives of people easy & simple where the high tech gadgets are doing great wonders & are providing state-of-the-art services to the people. Technology has led to the coming up of various gadgets taking the help of the advanced technology to give the best experience to the people. Modern technology has advanced in such a great speed that it is providing the best facilities to the people by making their work easy & convenient. Internet technology has proved very beneficial to the people of today who have grown used to internet which is used to get information regarding everything. There is nothing which the internet cannot provide. One can do everything by taking the help of the internet which is why internet is being used by the people in every field. Surfing has become a very common activity with the people.

The various uses of internet in today’s time where people have got the hang of using hi-tech gadgets: Internet is helping to serve a lot of purpose of the people & has helped to reduce the time which is playing a vital role in the lives of the people. The shortage of time in the lives of the people has made the people go for internet services which are as follows:

Online banking
Online shopping
Sending & receiving emails
Video conferencing
Social networking
Transferring data & many more

The country of Africa which is thought to be backward: Africa is a continent which has huge natural reserves compared to the other countries. But the continent has developed a lot in recent years in terms of technology. Satellite connectivity in Africa has led to the development of internet technology which is making wonders in the country of Africa by providing outstanding internet services to the people & the big & small companies which are doing business in the country of Africa. VSAT Internet in Africa is playing a predominate role in the lives of the people as it is helping to meet the expectations & need of the people & companies which have founded their business in the Country of Africa. Internet service has seen the light of the day in Africa with the coming up of few companies which are providing extraordinary services.

Thus, internet service has gained prominence in Africa with the coming up of VSAT.